Hello! I’ve moved my blog

It’s slow going, but I promise to fill it up with photos and words.

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So, it’s been a while……

I’ll be moving this blog to a new site.  Just need to find the time to do it.

I will keep you posted when the move happens.


Heaven’s Dog

A great place to grab a drink and quick bite with friends.

They have a great menu of drinks, but I always order a glass of Rasteau, a “mostly grenache” red from France. So lovely.

Have a great weekend.


I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Jessy. She is a stunning mother to be and so much fun to photograph.

I am looking forward to the newborn session.

O Hai!



I’m back from NYC, have been since last Thursday night or very early Friday morning.


NYC was fabulous, magical, crowded, amazing, romantic and picture pretty.  I was expecting a lot of Fall colors, but NYC is still quite green.  I was told there was an over abundance of rain this summer and that is reason the trees haven’t quite turned.


I have tons of photos to process and it’s a little overwhelming.  Some have been posted on my Flickr stream and I think I will post a few here too.

 The photo above was taken during the “magical” hour light at Washington Square Park.

That was one our favorite spots to frequent.

Hope everyone is doing great.



I’ll be in NYC for a week. 

It’s my first time.

I am beyond giddy with excitement.

How much camera gear should I bring?

omg omg omg.


See you all when I get back.

Photo via seth

Groove Merchant


Another favorite haunt of ours in the city.

It’s a great little music store in the Lower Haight.  They sell mostly vinyl, but I’ve seen a few CD’s.  It’s a stroll down memory lane looking through all the albums. Some I recognize and a lot I don’t. 

We’ve mostly been collection jazz, but I found the Beatles Love album for a great price. Of course, it’s in our vinyl collection now.

If you’re ever in the area, they are here.