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So, it’s been a while……

I’ll be moving this blog to a new site.  Just need to find the time to do it.

I will keep you posted when the move happens.



Heaven’s Dog

A great place to grab a drink and quick bite with friends.

They have a great menu of drinks, but I always order a glass of Rasteau, a “mostly grenache” red from France. So lovely.

Have a great weekend.


I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Jessy. She is a stunning mother to be and so much fun to photograph.

I am looking forward to the newborn session.

O Hai!



I’m back from NYC, have been since last Thursday night or very early Friday morning.


NYC was fabulous, magical, crowded, amazing, romantic and picture pretty.  I was expecting a lot of Fall colors, but NYC is still quite green.  I was told there was an over abundance of rain this summer and that is reason the trees haven’t quite turned.


I have tons of photos to process and it’s a little overwhelming.  Some have been posted on my Flickr stream and I think I will post a few here too.

 The photo above was taken during the “magical” hour light at Washington Square Park.

That was one our favorite spots to frequent.

Hope everyone is doing great.