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Hello! I’ve moved my blog

It’s slow going, but I promise to fill it up with photos and words.

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I’ll be in NYC for a week. 

It’s my first time.

I am beyond giddy with excitement.

How much camera gear should I bring?

omg omg omg.


See you all when I get back.

Photo via seth

Groove Merchant


Another favorite haunt of ours in the city.

It’s a great little music store in the Lower Haight.  They sell mostly vinyl, but I’ve seen a few CD’s.  It’s a stroll down memory lane looking through all the albums. Some I recognize and a lot I don’t. 

We’ve mostly been collection jazz, but I found the Beatles Love album for a great price. Of course, it’s in our vinyl collection now.

If you’re ever in the area, they are here.
















It’s the first cool day here in Northern California and I am reminded that I need new tights. 

Plus, patterned, colored and textured tights are all the rage this season. More reason to stock up.

I promise to blog more and will do so after my NYC trip.


Photo via here.

I can hardly wait











Finally, a release date.  I’ll be on iTunes and clicking buy album on November 17th.


Photo from here.




Oh how I adore Michelle Williams new cut.  It is such a great cut for her features.  Now, I must go pick up the new Vogue to read all about her.

Would love to have my hair this short again, but not sure if I can pull if off at my age. Hmmm….we’ll see.

Photos from here.


P.S…..the shoes, omg.



It was my first “Trash The Dress” session.  There was much laughter and fun.  The girls were game to do anything, like climb a fire escape in the Presidio, stand in the middle of a busy street , drag a little siamese cat on their dress train around the apartment. Silly kitteh.

The girls were troupers and they did trash their dress, but no body of water was involved.  They thought the Bay would be a bit cold. Brrrr.


You can view a few of the photos here.

I will add more throught out the week.