Groove Merchant


Another favorite haunt of ours in the city.

It’s a great little music store in the Lower Haight.  They sell mostly vinyl, but I’ve seen a few CD’s.  It’s a stroll down memory lane looking through all the albums. Some I recognize and a lot I don’t. 

We’ve mostly been collection jazz, but I found the Beatles Love album for a great price. Of course, it’s in our vinyl collection now.

If you’re ever in the area, they are here.


2 responses to “Groove Merchant

  1. For whatever reason, I didn’t keep any of my vinyl from when I was growing up. Had a ton of 45’s as well as albums… from Beatles to Captain & Tenille (yes, I just admitted that willingly)….looks like a great shop.

  2. I miss playing with my vinyl. So so sad I don’t do it any more. Different era I guess.

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