n e c e s s i t y











If you follow me on Flickr, then you already know my love for coffee.  It’s not so much an obsession, but a necessity these days. Even in necessity, I love the whole ritual of boiling the water, grinding the beans watching the whole pot brew. There’s something about that whole coffee ritual that is comforting to me.


I am now brewing my coffee with a Chemex coffee maker.  The thing with the Chemex is that everything is manual, no switch to flip to start the brewing process.  I quite enjoy that aspect. It is by far the prettiest vessel I’ve ever seen and quite photogenic too.


Happy Wednesday


P.S….you can learn more about Chemex here.


4 responses to “n e c e s s i t y

  1. You’re right. It is a lovely design.

  2. i agree its beautifully made. There is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Happy Wed!

  3. yay! So pretty.

    Pabs and I have been discussing our future Chemex for a while now – we love our French presses but are excited to switch. Not caffeinated, just excited. =)

  4. Love reading your blog, Cin! It’s a lovely ray of sunshine! 🙂

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